In my International Bonsai Library post I spoke about many artists and blogs. If I didn’t emphasize this enough the first time, Peter Tea’s blog is an essential tool if you’re learning bonsai from scratch. While I don’t want to get into too many advanced techniques too quickly, I felt that this post provided the perfect type of fundamental information on juniper pruning and growing techniques that it had to be shared. If you haven’t already, make it a point to follow Peter’s blog.

Peter Tea Bonsai

Shimpaku Clean Up and Styling

Now that I’m all settled back in Japan, I can get back to work and get some more posts on the blog.  If you didn’t already know, I spend most of September back in the US taking a bit of time off and working with the wonderful Bonsai people of Milwaukee.  Once I got back to Japan, I was put right back to work wiring trees and wiring trees and wiring trees…  sigh..  you get the point.  😉  I’d have to admit that after a long break, it took me some time to get back into the mode of things here but it’s been two weeks now and my body is has already gotten use to being in a constant state of aches and pains.  Haha!  Today is my first day off since coming back so I thought it was be a good time to…

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