Taikan-Ten Round up

The Taikan-Ten is Japan’s second largest bonsai show and is held annually in November. Unlike other shows in Japan, the Taikan-Ten focuses on bonsai displays and features excellent Tokonoma. While I’ve spent the last week gorging on thanksgiving left-overs, I’ve also had the pleasure of viewing the Taikan-Ten around the web. Below is a sampling of my favorite sources for the Taikan-Ten.

First off, there’s the newest installment of the “Bonsai Art of Japan” video series. The series, created by Bjorn Bjorholm, is an incredible resource and this episode is no different. No instruction in this one, just pure Taikan-ten goodness.

Courtesy Bjorn Bjorholm via Facebook

Bjorn also has some amazing photos from the show on his facebook page.

Courtesy Owen Reich via Facebook

If you’re in the habit of friending bonsai people on facebook like I am, head on over to Owen Reich’s page and take a look at his photos as well. Owen also features some great pictures of the Fujikawa Kouka-en Nursery vendor booth at the show. For more information on Bjorn or Owen please consult the Bonsai Library.

Courtesy Matt Reel, ReelBonsai.

Next up is a great blog post on some of the Tokonoma displays at the Taikan-Ten. This was posted by Matt Reel on his blog ReelBonsai. Matt will be featured in an upcoming addition to the International Bonsai Library. Until then, stop by his blog and have a look at his posts!

Courtesy Peter Tea Bonsai

Courtesy Peter Tea Bonsai

Another Gallery of awesome photos comes from Peter Tea. I’ve raved about Peter’s blog in the past and this post is no exception. Check it out here.

Courtesy Sam and KJ’s Blog.

The final post to mention is from Sam and KJ’s blog. Unlike the other bonsai related material, this is a post (and blog) that focuses on Suiseki. It’s a great resource for Suiseki info as well as the occasional bonsai pot post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the media from the Taikan-Ten as much as I have, and I hope to have shown you some new sources. Upcoming on the blog will be a Topics post on general styling and a Library focused article on Matt Reel. Maybe he’ll agree to an interview too!


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