Just a Little Progress

Now that my trees have been tucked away for the winter, I thought I’d take a really quick second to post progress on my favorite tree.

The rough stock

The rough stock

At Brussel's Bonsai Spring 2012

At Brussel’s Bonsai Spring 2012

After a 4 hour workshop I had roughed out the primary structure of the tree. There were some thick branches on the top of the tree, and others that were out of place, but for the health of the tree we left these in place for the time being. The goal for the summer of 2012 was to improve the ramification of the branches and help the tree regain its vigor after the hard pruning.

Early fall 2012

Early fall 2012

The tree really responded well considering how hard we had cut it back. There were lots of new leaves especially sprouting from the trunk and old wounds. The tree was fertilized through the summer and fall. It really paid off as the tree flushed out very vigorously in the spring. I spent the entire spring and summer trying to keep up with cutting back the shoots. In the fall when the leaves fell off I did a second basic wiring and removed some branches I intended to replace.

The larger branch is too high up on the tree, so i grew a second shoot to take its place in the design.

The larger branch is too high up on the tree, so I grew a second shoot to take its place in the design.

On the advice of Owen Reich, I rotated the the tree 45 degrees counter-clockwise and established a new front which helps to eliminate the strait section on the upper half of the trunk. This is by far my favorite tree in my collection. Hopefully Fujikawa-San approves 🙂

Winter 2013

Winter 2013

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2 Responses to Just a Little Progress

  1. backcountrydan says:

    Very nice! But… What is it?…lol. Looks like hornbeam, or beech maybe?

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