IMG_6291What’s this? A package from Japan? In the words of my girlfriend, “did you buy another pot?”

… maybe.

IMG_6294This one comes courtesy of my new found friend in Japan, Yukiko. I’m always excited to get a new pot, but I especially appreciated the hand written note inside with best wishes for what she said was one of her favorite pots. You can check out Yukiko’s Instagram @yuki_mono to see some great pictures. Thanks Yukimono!

IMG_6300If you’re familiar with this potter’s work (especially the recent work) then you’ll know immediately who it is. Satomi Terahata. Really a lesser known contemporary potter, but definitely an up and comer. The solid color with a single, double, or triple lighter colored drip is signature for the current work. Check out some more Satomi work courtesy of Ryan.

IMG_6304Just a quick post for now.

Next up, some photos of this pot’s brother!


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1 Response to Satomi

  1. Dennis says:

    First, a fantastic pot! I´ve seen several Satomi pots in past 2 years, but this deep blue crackled one seems rare. By now, I especially noted the indigo blue and greenish pots, sometimes painted with wave motives or geometrics in places.

    Secondly, your package looked nicely packed. Wow!

    When you wrote what your girlfriend was asking .. and what you answered .. man .. I am still laughing! This is exactly what my wife also keeps asking ^^

    But, after a few years, (it seems) she starts to understand the value pots can have, and the details they can show. It changes after she saw one of Koyo´s “canton ruri” glazed pots, asking if this colours are available for clothes, too ; )

    Best, Dennis (Germany)

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