Open for Business

cropped-img_6320re.jpgHello friends and followers! As you may have noticed in my last post, I’ve taken up a new hobby to occupy my (already packed) time. At least this will occupy me until bonsai season gets into full swing. I’m just starting out making pots, but it’s a lot fun!

I’ve decided to sell some of my ware on Etsy, with the hope that I can at least partially cover the cost of my new-found hobby 🙂 I only had time to add a couple of the pots last night, but there should be a couple more up tonight. Also, with the way the kiln cycle works hopefully I’ll have new ware every weekend to put up online.

Here’s the shop link:

I’ll also post it permanently on the blog.

Hopefully I can spread a little joy during the upcoming potting season!

Happy potting!


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  1. japanesepots says:

    Good looking pots for your first outing Aarin.

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