Rendezvous 2014

Hinoki Cypress. Completely rewired by Marco a day before the Rendezvous.

Hinoki Cypress. Completely rewired by Marco a day before the Rendezvous.

It’s been an exciting/exhausting long weekend and I know it must have been doubly so for all the amazing guest artists at Brussel’s Bonsai Annual Rendezvous. So first of all I’d like to really commend all the artists for their stamina, and their time this past weekend. I’m really thankful for how willing all the bonsai professionals have been to share their knowledge and skills in every encounter I’ve had with them.

Secondly it was great to meet some of the members of our bonsai community, and see a few great people again that I remember from last time. It was awesome to meet Ryan Bell, who’s bonsai pot blog has really been the single driving force behind my own appreciation for bonsai pots, and who’s been incredibly helpful in answering all my questions on the subject.


Ryan Styling an imported Itoigawa Juniper from Friday’s all day workshop.

It was really an honor to meet Ryan Neil in person. Ryan has really been an inspiration since I started bonsai; a deep well of knowledge from all those recordings on YouTube. having been an apprentice myself (as a chef) I’ve always respected and understood the way Ryan learned and his attitude towards bonsai in general. The Rendezvous it’s self was an amazing experience, but I would have paid the same amount just to be Ryan’s shadow for a few days (which is what I basically did anyways, meaning that I somehow always ended up between Ryan and the wire or whatever tool he needed… sorry buddy).

And last among many things, it was a privilege to meet Marco Invernizzi. There are so many names floating around the bonsai community, especially when you look globally. I have to admit that sometimes I’ll overlook certain important people. Marco is definitely a new found inspiration and source of knowledge. I hope to post more about him very soon!

Marco compacting an "air-bonsai" in his White Pine workshop.

Marco compacting an “air-bonsai” in his White Pine workshop.

Really the point of the this post was first to say thank you to everyone involved, but it was also to kick-off what I hope to be some great following posts about all that I learned this weekend. Stay tuned!


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