More Pots From Japan

I’ve been slowly growing my collection and haven’t really had the time to post the new stuff. Here’s a few of the pots I’ve picked up over the last few months.

First up is another Satomi Terahata, almost like the brother pot of the oval one I have. The single or double drip is sort of a Satomi signature.

IMG_6791reUp next is a Kusamono-sized pot I received as a gift from Yuki! The potter is Hidemi Kataoka (more popularly know as Shuho). He has some very cool glazes if you ask me. You can buy some of his work from Yuki’s Etsy site.


A photo of Hidemi from his Facebook page

IMG_6817re IMG_6820reFinally a couple new Koyos. No explanation needed here, you know I’m obsessed with his work.

IMG_6783re IMG_6785re IMG_6802re IMG_6805re IMG_6807re IMG_6814re


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3 Responses to More Pots From Japan

  1. japanesepots says:

    Hidemi is better known as Shuho, just a heads up. He has been doing great work for 40 years!

  2. makisada says:

    Beautiful work!

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