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If you’ve read my blog from “cover to cover”, or know me personally, then you’re familiar with how much I detest bonsai books. I have read a great many bonsai books and they all seem to have the same flaw. They start like this “bonsai is a Japanese word that means….” Then they say “this is a picture of a tree in an informal upright style” then “good drainage is important” and “do not wrap wire too tightly or too loosely.”

I read about bonsai to learn about bonsai. What does that teach me? nothing.

My distaste for printed material ultimately led me to the internet and the rest is history. After diligently searching for information online for the past 3 years I sort of feel like I’ve reached “the end of the internet.”

So about a year ago I decided to do something crazy. I had recently bought a white pine, which is my favorite variety of pine, and was scared to death of killing it. I’m an over waterer, live in a humid climate, and can’t always depend on the quality of nursery soil. So I decided to give books another try.

My affinity for Stone Lantern led me to their pine and juniper book set. I will tell you now, without a doubt, these are two books that you MUST have, regardless of your skill level. I’m not trying to provide a product plug here, but seriously go buy them… they are on sale… I promise you will learn at least one thing that you won’t find on the internet or in any other books.



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  1. I have them too. Great books to get a good base of knowledge on growing evergreens. And good luck with the white pine!

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